Our Farm

Our Story

The idea of starting the Peter’s Natural Farm has stuck into the mind of our founder, Mr. Peter when he visited India after spending decades in Canada. As everyone in India know about the milk adulteration so the struggle to find natural milk free of harmful chemicals and hormones made him realize about the need of finding pure & natural milk. Therefore, a cow was bought in order to obtain natural milk directly. The milk produced by cow was very fresh and tasty. Being different and pure from other milk, it was really liked by his friends as well. Even they too wanted to get a product that they could rely upon for their daily nutrition and health.
The need of starting Peter’s Natural Farm has emerged, after seeing the growing necessity of pure and natural milk. This is how, a story of Peter’s Natural Farm began, with a mission to provide the public with natural and healthy dairy foods along with creating job opportunities for the people living in the village. Products of their farm are 100% natural and organic, this is the reason they offer insight on how dairy products are made, including safe farming practices and touch-free milking process.

Our Farm

Our farmers know very well that healthy and happy cows produce more high-quality milk so cows well-being is our top priority. Our farmers take excellent care of cows, providing them clean and comfortable shelter, fresh water, fresh fodder and medical attention when required. You will also get a chance to know more about the process of organic farming. As we focus on customers well-being, organic farming is our top priority that enables us to deliver only healthy, fresh & organic products such as cow milk, wheat, rice and green veggies.

Take A Farm Tour
Walk-through the Peter’s Natural Farm that is fully equipped with all modern facilities. Explore the natural ambiance of our farm that will take you to see the main functions of our farm such as milking process, cow care, cow feed, organic farming process and sustainability efforts.
This farm visit will surely take you to the next level where you'll find yourself more close to the nature and also give you an opportunity to learn about the importance of organic farming.

Why Peter’s Natural Farm?

Our farmers strive every day to produce organic milk and other products that your family can feel good about eating. Our Farmers and processors work hard to make sure you receive only fresh & organic products. They all work together to ensure the products you get are safe and of the highest quality.

Milk Hormones
As milk is a product that is produced by a female animal, it naturally contains very small amounts of hormones. However, the human digestive system breaks down those hormones and they are entered inactive in our bodies.
Milking Process
Milking is a process that occurs on average two to three times every day. Cows’ udders are first get cleaned properly then inserted into automated milking machines. These machines gently collect the cow’s milk in about 15 minutes. Once milk is collected, it flows through refrigerated pipes into a tank where it is quickly cooled. To maintain purity and safety, milk get immediately delivered straight from the farm to your kitchen.

Organic Milk

  • Cows are only given fodder, grown without the use of pesticides or commercial fertilizers.
  • Cows roam freely and happily with their calves and produce pure and healthy milk.
  • Cows are not treated with any growth hormones.
  • Cows have not been given certain medications to treat illness.

Organic Farming

We focus on environment friendly farming process and hence, let our cows eat a lot of green & healthy fodder. So that they can produce tons of manure every day. We grow wheat, rice and vegetables by using this manure in our Farm’ soil as an organic fertilizer. This process makes our products organic and free from chemical and toxics. We use only eco-friendly bags to pack and deliver the wheat at your door steps.