About Us

Peter's Natural Farm

Peter’s Natural farms’ products are completely fresh and organic. They are prepared without using hormonal injections, antibiotics and toxic pesticides. Many of us has forgotten the actual taste of pure milk due to the unhygienic packed milk, while Peter’s Natural farm offers you cow milk rich with original flavour, creamy texture and that beautiful aroma. We also offer an extensive range of 100% authentic and organic wheat, rice, and green veggies to take a good care of your health.


We know that healthy, happy cows produce more high-quality milk so their well-being is our top priority. We take good care of our cows, providing them clean and comfortable housing, fresh water, food and medical attention when required.


We aim not to deliver Nutrient-rich dairy foods only but also help people to build healthy diets as our products also contribute to healthier lives and reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases.

A great environment, naturally!

In our corner of the world, on the edge of the Northern side of India, the temperature varies time to time from winter to summer. This means our cows remain comfortable in their natural thick coats all year long. And our green environment breezes create some of the finest air quality around.

Working with nature

We feel that we can get the highest quality when we work with nature rather than against it, and support our cows’ natural habits and behaviours. Because cows are meant to graze, an open area is their preferred place to be, and our farm gives our cows lots of space to roam around! This environment, and the care of our dairy families, creates the best lifestyle for our cows that enables them to produce great-tasting milk.