Natural Cow Milk

Peter’s Natural farm offers cow milk which is naturally pure. It is prepared without using hormonal injections, antibiotics and toxic pesticides. We have completely forgotten the actual taste of pure milk due to the unhygienic packed milk, while Peter’s Natural farm deliver you cow milk, rich with original flavour, creamy texture and that beautiful aroma.

Our Farm is spread over a wide area, equipped with advanced facilities for the best cow care and comfort.

We have a huge area covered with green grass and cattle feed that make sure the milk we produce is completely pure and nutritious.

We make sure milking is done without human touch so that you can get the touch-free milk direct from our farm to your kitchen.

Being a responsible citizen of a country, we take a good care of environment and hence, focus on recycling process by using the waste water and cow dung to make soil more fertile.

We make sure our milk is of the best quality without adulteration. Free of additives and preservatives to deliver you only 100% pure milk.

We deliver milk directly at your doorstep, to make sure you get the best quality pure and fresh cow milk.

From Farm To Kitchen

Peter’s Natural farm cow milk is people’s most loved and most subscribed Milk Brand. We deliver only pure and organic milk straight from our farm to your kitchen without any middleman or distributor. To ensure you good health and best milk, we offer you touch-free milk without any added preservatives.

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Happy Cows, Healthy Cows

We have Patiala’s biggest farm where our cows roam freely and happily with their calves and produce pure and healthy milk, to ensure you quality health. We take a good care of the feeding, comfort, health and milking of our cows and deliver only our farm produced organic cow milk to our customers. We never collect milk from other sources and this is the reason our farm’ milk is free from hormones, antibiotics and human touch.

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Organic wheat is becoming more popular all the time. Eating organic food in our diet is the best way to become healthier. At our farm, we produced wheat which is 100% organic, healthier and full of protein, while lighted in calories.

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When it come to buy vegetables, organic is always the best option. However, non-organic vegetable are rich in pesticides but at our farm, organic vegetables are produced using natural or renewable resources only.

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Peter’s Dairy farm presents an extensive range of 100% authentic and organic rice in India. Rice is a basic food consumed in our country with plenty of health benefits. It is the best source of energy, rich flavours, and mouth watering aroma.

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This Pure Ghee is specially used in the preparation of tasty sweets and other food products that involve the use of ghee. At Peter’s Natural Farm, we don’t add any artificial colour or flavour to our ghee.

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Our Desi Ghee is beyond just a Pure and Healthy Dairy Product made from the milk of the Sahiwal cows. It is all about the purity made with a goodness of health.

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